A Top-Domain Ontology for the Life Sciences

BioTop is a top-domain ontology that provides definitions for the foundational entities of biomedicine as a basic vocabulary to unambiguously describe facts in this domain. BioTop can be used as top-level model for creating new ontologies for more specific domains or as aid for aligning or improving existing ones.

BioTop follows formal design principles (as propagated by the OBO Foundry initiative) and is implemented in OWL2. BioTop makes use of several Description Logics (DL) constructors. The use of OWL2 enables maintaining consistency by continuous classification during development, and to automatically infer its hierarchical structure.

The initial version of BioTop had rested upon the idea to create a formally-based redesign and expansion of GENIA, an ontology applied for corpus annotation in molecular biology. After that, BioTop has been continuously expanded.

In 2011, a simplified version, BioTop was released (BioTopLite). Since 2013, BioTopLite was reviewed and updated, with clearer stataments and nominalizations. This led to the creation of BioTopLite2 (BTL2).


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